Trick-or-Treat – Let’s Be Prepared This Halloween

Boo! Are you scared? From the haunted houses that make your heart jump to the horror movies that make you want to hide behind your pillows, Halloween can get pretty spooky this time of year. But, just remember, that those goblins and ghosts that try to frighten you are all pretend. Or at least you hope so, right?

Scary surprises are fun during this holiday, but the last thing you need is a surprise that wasn’t planned. Between hazardous electric wires strung on the exterior of your home to pumpkins getting in the way of your walkway, this holiday can get pretty dangerous – especially during the darkest hours of the night. Did you know that $12.9 million in direct property damage occurs each year in the U.S. on Halloween? Bankers Insurance Group wants to ensure that there are no scary mistakes for you during this time of year.

Have no fear! There are precautions that you can take to make this Halloween safe and fun for everyone. These quick and easy tips will keep you prepared for any surprise that creep up on you.

Don’t Decorate “Griswold” Style

Are you planning on having the most decked out house on the block? That’s fun, but let’s not have a “Clark Griswold” Halloween. If you’re buying lights, make sure that you purchase outdoor lights and outdoor extension cords because they can withstand severe weather conditions. If you’re planning on using lights that you found sitting around in your garage, inspect them for broken bulbs or frayed wires. Don’t chance if the lights look broken – just throw them away and buy new ones. Most importantly, make sure the lights have a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) mark as this means they meet safety standards.

Clean It and Clear It

Did you know that 15% of injuries on Halloween are from lack of visibility in the dark? Whether you’re having guests over or you have trick-or-treaters knocking on your door, it’s crucial that the pathway to your home is clear and visible. Between the decorations on your lawn and the dark night, people can easily trip and fall. No one wants to be liable for an injury, so add a light or two on your walkway and clear the way.

Avoid Candles

Candles might set the spooky mood, especially in jack-o-lanterns, but safety comes first. Use battery powered lights instead of real candles. They give the same effect without the dangerous risks. Better yet, set the Halloween mood with pumpkins, cob webs, and gravestones. Who needs candles anyway?

Are You Covered?

Imagine this:  A trick-or-treater slips and falls on your property. You’re panicking because you don’t know if you’re covered for slips or trips on your property. Call your Bankers agent today to find out what’s covered under your policy before it’s too late.

Don’t get too worried – Halloween will still be full of elaborate costumes, yummy candy and a whole lot of fun. It’s important to be aware of the dangers this holiday because you don’t want the fun to take a scary turn for the worst. Prepare now and reduce your risks later. With these tips and the proper coverage, you can feel confident when you gather your costumes and plann tricks that will scare your guests this Halloween. It’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus anyway, right?