Saving Money

Managing the Cost of Insurance

There are many ways to manage the cost of insurance – from selecting deductibles to ensuring that you get the discounts you may qualify for. Please remember, when choosing your deductible, to carefully consider the amount you can afford to pay out-of-pocket in the event of a loss.


The policyholder is responsible for a portion of the cost when a covered loss occurs. The larger the deductible, the lower the premium. Many policies have multiple deductibles. For example, a Homeowners policy in Florida has one basic deductible for most types of losses and a special deductible for hurricanes.


Discounts are generally given for actions that reduce the risk of loss. An example might be installing storm shutters to protect your home against a storm. Ask your agent if you qualify for any discounts that will help you save money on your insurance.

You may be eligible for discounts based on your personal characteristics, as well as features of your home that will reduce your premium. Not all discounts are available in all states. Please consult with your local agent for availability.

Discounts you may qualify for or wish to discuss with your agent:

  • Claim-free Discount—This discount rewards you for not filing a claim for either three or five years.
  • Financial Responsibility Discount—This discount rewards a good credit score. Numerous research studies have been done showing that the better a consumer’s credit score, the less likely they are to file an insurance claim.
  • Retiree (or Mature Homeowner) Discount—This discount is applied when you have reached a certain age and are retired. Statistics show that a retired homeowner is more likely to be at home, thus reducing the likelihood of a major fire spreading through the house or a burglary to occur in the home.
  • Multiple-Policy Discount—This discount is applied if you have another policy with our company.
  • New Purchase Discount—This discount is offered to you when obtaining your policy to coincide with the purchase of a home which will be your primary residence. The discount is phased out over time.
  • Protective Devices Discount—This discount is offered when you have approved, active, and properly maintained installations of burglar alarms, fire alarms and/or automatic sprinklers.
  • Protective Package Discount—This discount is offered when you have dead bolts on all exterior doors, smoke detectors, and a fire extinguisher in the residence.
  • Renovation Discount—This discount is offered when your home or condominium has undergone qualifying renovations to meet current building codes. There are four areas that can qualify for a discount: Plumbing, Heating/Air‐conditioning, Electric and Roof. This is a diminishing discount that decreases as the renovations age.
  • Secured Community Discount—This discount is offered for homes or condominiums located in gated communities with all entrances to the community protected by 24‐hour manned security or passkey security.
  • Wind Mitigation Discount—This discount is offered when your house or condominium has features that make it more resistant to wind damage. Some examples of features are roof shape, type of roof covering, how the roof deck is attached to the rafters, how the rafters are attached to the wall, and if the home has installed exterior shutters. The discount varies based on the combination of features on a house or condominium.

Limitations apply. Some discounts may not be available in combination with certain other discounts.