Letter from our Chairmain

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<h1>Letter from Our Chairman</h1>
<p>Bankers Insurance Group is part of a family of companies with a rich history, a solid presence and a bright, bright future. Our businesses are based on principles of planning, protection and progress. We serve the insurance industry, businesses owners, homeowners, builders, investors, the criminal justice system, and the communities in which our companies reside. Discipline, collaboration and a commitment to recognize healthy growth drive our work; <a href=”http://www.bankersfinancialcorp.com/corporate-info/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow external”>five fundamental values</a> inform our culture – performance, collaboration, innovation, social responsibility, and trust. I invite you to get to know us, do business with us, come to work with us and engage with us. We are proud of our decades of success and want to share our future successes with you.</p><br>

<img class=”signature” src=”Images/signature.png” alt=”John Strong”>
<p><b>John Strong</b>, Chairman<br>
Bankers Insurance Group</p>