Get the Fresh Fall Look – Five Fall Décor Trends for Your Home

Fall is here and you know what that means? New fall home trends that will make your home feel cozy yet sophisticated. From neutral accents to bold colors and brass finishes and matte black pieces, this year’s fall home trends have a wide variety of styles to give your home a fresh fall look.

You’ve had so much fun decorating your home, so why not experiment with seasonal décor trends. Of course you don’t have to give up what you love, but choose what compliments what you already have. Bankers Insurance Group not only cares about the safety of your home, but creating a space that feels like your own.

Here’s what fall 2017 has in store for you:

In: Velvet

(Mezomorf Home Furniture, n.d.)

This luxurious material is so soothing during the fall and winter months. Velvet adds a cozy touch and a classy look to the room.

In: Brass


(Mommy Essence, n.d.)

Brass is back and it’s better than ever. This timeless metal is a great accent to any room and it will always compliment other colors.

In: Quilts


(Modern Bedding, n.d.)

Say goodbye to the bulky comforter and say hello to this homemade pleasure. Quilts are back in style to fit any traditional, modern or luxurious bedroom.

In: Matte Black


(Simmonds, 2012)

Add some matte black accents to your kitchen or bathroom to create a strong contrast to those shiny countertops in your kitchen or bathroom. This adds a modern flair and is a bold statement to any room.

In: Woven Art Pieces


(Design, n.d.)

Woven textiles are setting the tone for fall this year. Use woven décor pieces as the focal point of your room to give off a warm and cozy feeling for these next few fall months.

Are you getting excited for fall yet? These fun new seasonal trends will get you in the mood to add a little flair to your home. Bankers Insurance Group wants you to feel at home every time you walk through your door. Keeping up with these fall décor trends will do just that. The leaves aren’t the only thing changing this season, are you ready to decorate?