Free Disaster Service Program Provided by Bankers Insurance Group and GIS

Bankers Insurance Group is monitoring Hurricane Irma very closely as it continues to threaten South Carolina and Florida. Our claims team is ready and willing to assist. Rest assured we are prepared to respond quickly and efficiently.

In times of need, we all come together to support one another. Global Institutional Solutions is providing immediate assistance to Texas, Louisiana, Florida and South Carolina families and business customers of Bankers Insurance through our Disaster Services Program. Services can be accessed by mobile and desktop/laptop devices and cover the following;

Family Disaster Services:
-Planning, Proactive Steps and Communication
-Children, Seniors, Special Needs and Pets
-Emergency needs, such as prescription replacement and identification documentation replacement
-Ongoing assistance, including working with insurance carriers
-Business Disaster Services
-Business Continuity
-Risk Assessment
-GIS Specialized Services, including contact with customers, vendors and employees
-Achieving Rapid Recovery and operating business while displaced, including replacement of business documentation

Please go to the following link to access your services.

You may also dial 888-465-5515. Due to heavy call volume, you may be asked to leave a message. A disaster advocate will return your call.

This is a free service available to all Bankers customers.

Bankers is here for you. Our claims team is ready and waiting to assist. To report a claim call 800-765-9700.