Personal and Business Insurance FAQ

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Homeowners Insurance

Why buy homeowners insurance?


With homeowners insurance you are protecting your house and your personal property. Tenants can protect their personal property. Included in this purchase is liability which protects us against claims when accidents happen on or off your property if the injury or damage is caused by you, a member of your family, or your pet.

How is the cost determined for homeowners?


There are many considerations when determining the cost of your homeowners insurance, so no two policies are likely to be the same. Cost can depend on the construction type, the location, and the amount of insurance. For example, concrete is more fire-resistant than a wood frame building, so you may pay more for wood frame. And a newer home can cost less to insure than an older one because newer homes are less likely to sustain damages in storms and fires. Some areas have greater crime and vandalism problems, which can also increase costs.

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Condominium Insurance

Who needs condo insurance? Isn’t this covered under my condo association’s policy?


The condo association’s master policy covers the building exterior and the association’s liability. It covers the exterior and all common areas, such as the pool, club house, and tennis courts. But the master policy does not cover inside your condo. You, the unit owner, are responsible to any damage to your ceiling, floor, cabinets, countertops, and fixtures.

Does a condo policy cover flood?


Flood insurance is not covered under condo or any homeowners policy.

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Renters Insurance

Does renters insurance cover all belongings?


Some possessions, such as jewelry, furs, coins, computers, antiques, artwork, silverware and other items, may exceed the standard renters policy, and are often subject to a theft limit. When shopping for renters insurance, ask about the various property limits and how they apply to expensive items you may own. You may want to consider purchasing additional coverage for specific items not included in the renters policy.

If my landlord carries insurance, do I need coverage?


The landlord carries insurance that covers the building structure, but does not cover the renter’s personal belongings – furniture, wardrobe, appliances, television or anything you brought with you.

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Businessowners Policy

What is a BOP?


BOP is a businessowners policy that packages the basic coverages most businesses need. BOP is a simplified way of purchasing commercial insurance as opposed to buying a collection of small policies. Packaging allows insurance companies to offer a lower premium.

Businessowner’s policies include property coverage, liability coverage and some additional types of coverage that most businesses require. It is important to note that certain coverages, such as workers compensation, auto, and flood, are not included. Businesses may add optional coverages that meet their specific needs.

The alarm company tells me that I’ll get a huge premium credit if I buy their alarm system. Is that true?


Unlike a Homeowners policy, the BOP policy does not, as a rule, automatically apply a credit for an alarm. In many cases, it is a policy condition for theft coverage.

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