You finally found the perfect home and you do all the necessary research to be the perfect homeowner. To your relief you find out it’s in a low crime area. Six weeks after the move in, your neighbor’s home is burglarized. Now you’re thinking, “WHAT?! But this is low crime area!”

Your mindset now changes from “crime is impossible” to “crime is always possible.” What should you do? Even though it may have been a rare occurrence, you won’t be caught without proper protection. You buy an alarm system, double-check your property insurance and now sleep more peacefully knowing you are prepared.

Those who recently experienced the Fall’s first Nor’easter know floods are no different than crime. They can sneak in unexpectedly and in areas where people have said “it’s not likely to happen here.” Yes, we’re talking about those neighborhoods classified as moderate-to-low risk areas. If an alarm system isn’t required it doesn’t mean it’s not recommended or a good idea. The same goes for flood insurance.

The bad part about being in a moderate-to-low risk area is that you assume that you are in a low-to-no risk area. Surprisingly, moderate-to-low risk areas submit over 20% of NFIP claims and receive one-third of disaster assistance for flooding. It’s important to keep in mind that just because your risk is reduced, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Another surprising fact: Flood insurance rates for someone living in a moderate-to-low risk area are affordably low. Why would you not reach out to a Bankers agent and pay a lower amount for peace of mind?

Want to know just how much a flood can cost you? Check out The Cost Of Flooding tool provided by Use this tool to gauge inch by inch what a flood would cost you and your family.

Get even more flood facts and contact a Bankers agent today to find out just how affordable flood insurance (and your peace of mind) can be.

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