He would always answer the phone.

If you were away on vacation and realized you forgot to close your garage door, guess who you could rely on to secure the safety of your belongs and be happy to do so? This guy.

Mr. Rogers On Telephone


Thieves wouldn’t go near him (if they knew it was him).

According to a TV Guide profile, his Impala was stolen from the street just outside the TV station. When he filed a police report, every newspaper, radio and media outlet in town picked up the story. Within 48 hours, the car was left in the exact spot it was stolen from with an apology on the dashboard that read, “If we’d known it was yours, we never would have taken it.” Just his mere presence was like having replacement coverage.


He was curious about others.

He was the neighborhood watch. There wasn’t a committee; there wasn’t a team full of people who set up shifts to find out who was smashing mailboxes. If there were an issue in the neighborhood, you know he would be asking all kinds of questions. “Do you like hammers? Do you like to play outside? What do you do when you feel angry?” You know the drill. Protecting your property one inquisitive inquiry at a time.


And he could break dance.


Since neighbors like this don’t come around too often, let your Bankers agent be your sneaker sleek, cardigan-wearing friend. Always happy to help, they like you for you and they know the right questions to ask. Find your neighborhood agent and get quality coverage today.

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