A giant M&M or a zombie from The Walking Dead? Two peas in a pod or a Sharknado? Choosing your Halloween costume is a pretty important decision. But we all know at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you and your family have a fun and safe time. That’s why we’ve put together a list of safety tips to help ensure your Halloween experience is quite the TREAT.


Take the sidewalk. Holes covered by leaves in the yard can really trip a fairy up.

Remember to use the crosswalks. Just because you are dressed like a squirrel doesn’t mean you should dart across the street like one.

Every pet is not as friendly as yours. We know that pup has bunny ears, but when you’re child is dressed like a tiger he may feel the need to act more like a Lion.

Appropriately size your costumes. Running from door to door can be fun but when you had to be a banana even when the only costume left was two sizes too big, things might get slippery.

Tie in reflectors to your child’s costume. What’s a princess without shiny diamond accessories? Especially the kind of diamonds that can alert drivers of your princess’s presence.

Safety first. Getting the most candy is one thing but being able to enjoy that candy is another. Have fun but remember, safety first!


Prefer to stay in and let the characters come to you? We’ve got some SWEET info to help protected you as a homeowner from any potential tricks of the night.


Clear your walkways. Giving the Ninja Turtles a clear path to your front door keeps them from landing on their shells and leaving you possibly liable.

Animals should be kept in safe areas away from visitors. You have the cutest, sweetest and most kind pup around but that pup is also not used to being approached by pirates and zombies.

Nicely light up your yard and your porch steps. Giving the airline pilots a well-lit runway to your door tends to end with a safer landing.

Don’t cover your outlets with decorations. Yes, fake spider webs can form anywhere but they can also catch on fire when combined with electric currents.

Your decor should be inviting not hazardous. Remember, ghosts of haunted houses shouldn’t actually come in contact with your guests.


Use these tips to help guarantee a spooky safe time for your family of goblins and ghosts.

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