You arrive home and your front door is wide open? You know you locked it when you left for work. Panic seizes your heart. You think to yourself, This couldn’t have happened to me. I live in a safe neighborhood. Inside your house, the TV and a brand new Canon camera are gone. Now what?

Theft can happen to anyone whether living in a safe neighborhood or not. Owning a home, a business or even having a storage unit, puts anyone at risk. Understanding what to do before and after a theft will help keep you calm and collected when filing that not so fun insurance claim.

Let’s rewind the clock to when you just moved into your new home and everything was fine and dandy…

As soon as you move into your new home or apartment, take inventory of your special and expensive items. Fill out the inventory form given to you by your agent, and ALWAYS keep proof of ownership. Owners’ manuals, receipts or anything that proves that exact item is yours, is necessary to have. Photos are a good idea too. Take a picture of the item as well as a close up of the serial number.  Next, make sure to send copies to your agent so they can have it on file. Having this sent to them ahead of time, will make your life so much easier when filing a theft claim. Finally, store your proof of ownership with your other valuable papers in a safe place, so you know exactly where they are if you ever you need them.

Let’s step back into the present.  Your brand new camera and TV have just been stolen. The most important thing to do is call the police and file a police report. You have to provide proof of loss to your agent in order for your claim to be reviewed. Once you have that police report send a copy of it to your agent via mail. A deductible might apply to the loss, so make sure to check with your agent.

Filing for a theft claim is something none of us ever want to deal with. But knowing these tips will make the process more efficient and less stressful. Whether you rent, own a home or a business, have items in a storage unit, or are sending your kid away to college make sure you are adequately insured at all times.  If you have any questions, call your Bankers agent today!

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