Why is it that they put up a red flag to warn us about sharks but no one waves a big red flag in your face when buying a new home? With the risk of your new home “biting” you in the wallet, we’ve got 5 shark-like scenarios that will help you better understand the insurance coverage you need for a happy home.


Shark Zone Vs. Flood Zone

We all have that friend that won’t go any further than ankle deep in the ocean to avoid jaws. Well, if you really want to freak them out, introduce them to the bull shark. Bull sharks have a fondness for freshwater. They’ve been spotted in bays, lagoons and even rivers, sometimes thousands of miles inland. Not to freak you out (okay, maybe a little), but just like bull sharks, floods aren’t picky with where they hang out. Floods can bully their way into any home. Did you know, you don’t have to be in a high-risk flood zone to be effected by a flood? A small premium can do big things when that “rare” flood decides to move inland from prolonged rainfall or overflowing banks.


Heel, Spot, Heel!

Grey nurse sharks are called the “labradors of the sea” because of their calm nature. Isn’t that cute? What’s not so cute is when your actual land loving Labrador becomes protective against the mailman and decides to make a defensive move. Do you know if your homeowner’s personal liability coverage can come to your defense?


Keep Calm And Breathe Easy

Everyone knows that if humans try to breathe underwater (without the assistance of a handy air tank), they will have a hard time succeeding. Well, did you know some sharks have the same problem? Great white, mako and salmon sharks don’t have the muscles they need to pump water through their mouth and over their gills. As long as they keep swimming, water keeps moving over their gills, keeping them alive. Just like sharks need to move in water and humans need air to breathe, your home needs coverage. A lapse in coverage could result in a drowning home. (Breathe easy. You aren’t underwater and your premium is paid.)


Facts Are Facts

As summer rolls around the possibility of a shark attack tends to weigh heavier on our minds. The reality is that you’re more likely to be bitten by another person than a shark. So maybe you knew that. But did you know that your home is 3x more likely to be damaged by a flood than a fire? And we’re not just talking about high-risk flood zones.


Tougher Than Nails

The dermal denticles that covers a shark’s skin is so tough and hard that before the invention of sandpaper, shark skin was used to polish wood. Just like this protective layer, it’s important to have a tough and solid roof over your head. Not only will this help protect your home from storm damage, but having a higher quality roof may help lower your premium.


Before the perils attack, give your Bankers agent a call to review your current coverage and avoid losing a chunk of your hard earned cash.

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