Laptop. Check.

New TV. Check.

Tablet, iPhone, graduation gifts and iPod full of music your generation wouldn’t really consider music; check, check, check and check.

You child is packed and all but running out the door headed for the next chapter in their life. But are you prepared for their journey? A lot can happen when they head to college and protecting their possessions may not be on the top of their To Do list, but it should be on yours. The good news is we can help you check that off your list. Bankers Insurance now offers an endorsement* that can extend your policy coverage to your new student’s property.

Did you know that your current policy only provides 10% of contents coverage for property at your child’s dorm room or apartment? For example, if your policy provides $75,000 in coverage for your contents (Coverage C) you would only have $7,500 coverage for property at your son or daughter’s place of residence. Is that enough coverage? You can get peace of mind by purchasing an endorsement to your policy that fully covers your son or daughter with the same great coverage you have on your home or condominium.

Is your student currently in college? Good news, we’ve got you and them covered for as long as they want to keep their head in the books. This endorsement is available for both new and current students.

Contact an agent today and find out how you can get additional coverage for your college student.


*This coverage is only available in North and South Carolina at this time.


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