Happy Military Appreciation Month!

To wrap up this month we are honoring one of our agents Billy Wagner’s brother, Bobby Wagner, who served as a marine and army sergeant. Billy Wagner currently works for Brightway Insurance of Ponte Vedra Beach.

Right after high school is when Bobby enlisted as a marine. He served as a marine for 8 years. Then in 2003 he joined as an army reservist going back to Iraq for a second time. He’s brother Billy says, “He took tremendous pride in serving his country and would still be in the military today if he was still alive.” Bobby unfortunately passed away in 2004, leaving behind his 5 year old son. Billy says, “he was a soldier through and through.”

Military Bobby gone not forgotten on Memorial Day

After Billy’s brother passed away, he started supporting the Folds of Honor in 2012 because he wanted to honor the memory of his brother. He used the proceeds from a book he wrote called Insuring Your Peace of Mind.  The book has raised over 10,000 for the Folds of Honor Foundation.  He dedicated the book to his memory, after his life was tragically taken from an IED Explosion on August 1st 2004, while leading a convoy of supplies in some of the most dangerous parts of Iraq.  The protocol was for him to be in the back of the convoy, but knowing how dangerous it was he decided to lead from the front. Billy says, “I continue to look for ways to lead from the front as a business to support the military, and give back to organizations such as Wounded Warrior and Folds of Honor.”

The one thing Billy appreciates most about life is the time he had with his brother. He says, “The last time I saw him was when he was the best man in my wedding, prior to heading to Iraq for the 2nd time.  While I am disappointed our time together was cut short, I am thankful for the memories and for the relationship I had.

We are so honored to be able to share Bobby’s story with you. Thank you Billy for sharing this story with us and to Bobby for all you have done for our country! Our country wouldn’t be where it is today without honorable troops like you.

Brightway Insurance employees with american flag and patriotism for military appreciationArticle Declaration of Independents with Billy Wagner


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