As a family owned company, we at Bankers love being able to provide a personalized service to our agents and consumers. We have been fluent in flood since 1983. Setting the trends in the program with the most experienced leadership team in the industry.  So why choose Bankers Flood? Because we know the power of a true partnership and superior service. When our phones ring, we don’t see a phone number. We see someone in need and an opportunity to help them. No matter what your questions or concerns, we are here for you. Our entire team is no farther apart than a walk down the hallway. This allows us to support your entire process in the most efficient way, getting back to you with the answers you need. We are proud to be part of such an amazing team and we look forward to assisting you.

Meet our Flood team:

VP of Flood

Shelby Morena, ANFI

Shelby, Vice President of Flood at Bankers Insurance Group, is a 22-year veteran of the flood insurance industry serving both in-house and as owner of her own independent agency. She began her career focusing on the customer service side of the business before switching to the agency side of the house for 12 years. Shelby was then tapped to move to Operations serving as a Principal Coordinator and Flood Product Analyst.  She later bought and sold her own agency before returning to Bankers to take on the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) training for agents and CE class creation/filing and leading Bankers’ Operations call center.

While working within the insurance industry, Shelby also managed a separate construction company for 20 years as a licensed general contractor. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of South Florida and has earned the Associate in National Flood Insurance (ANFI™) designation. Shelby has also received the Highest Achievement Award from Dale Carnegie Training as well as several internal Apex Awards within Bankers Financial Corporation for exemplifying the company’s core values.


Caitlin Connor, ANFI

Caitlin is a self-declared Flood nerd comfortable with thinking outside the box to develop successful, strategic business strategies. This Flood guru is currently on a mission to help Bankers Insurance reclaim its position as the leader in the Flood market. She possesses nearly a decade of flood expertise, having served in several key roles within flood insurance. Caitlin started her career within flood processing and training as a customer service representative before transitioning to sales and landing in her current role as a Flood Business Development Manager. She is currently diving deep into the emerging private flood market to develop new products and programs aimed at addressing the current gaps in the Federal program. Her colleagues consider her a walking flood manual after watching how she works with our partners to enhance their understanding of the Flood program and grow their book of business through a partnership with Bankers Insurance Group.


Gerry Waytowich, ANFI

Gerry brings a unique perspective to the Flood business with a combination of experience as a General Contractor, Claims Adjuster, and Flood Claims Manager. Gerry recently assisted Federal agencies as a Flood Disaster Response Lead for OST, Inc. He originally served as a P&C Adjuster with Bankers when the company led the market in the Flood space and he’s now focused on using his expertise to bring Bankers back to the top spot as a Flood Claims Manager. Gerry has more than two decades of in-depth knowledge of the insurance and flood market, ranging from commercial and homeowners adjusting to arson and fraud investigation. He is well-versed in the in’s and out’s of the NFIP and is always eager to provide Bankers’ customers and agents the assistance they need before and after the storm.


Ruth Bennett, ANFI

With two decades of experience in the Flood business, Ruth has nearly seen it all when it comes to successful management and execution before, during, and after the storm. Ruth currently serves as Director of Operations and NFIP Principal Coordinator at Bankers Insurance Company. She is considered an expert on WYO programs and has served in many capacities within the Flood Insurance Program. Ruth is passionate about communicating the importance of flood insurance and has established and maintained strong internal and external relationships in the flood insurance community. She often presents at various speaking engagements and is a member of the IBHS Executive Flood Committee, WYO Flood Coalition, and PCI Flood Committee. Ruth has also created and administered numerous training programs for flood insurance products.


Katherine Howington, CFM, ANFI

The Flood Talk is a conversation some agents hesitate to have with clients. That’s until they meet Katherine. For the past 15 years, Katherine has partnered with agents to protect their clients and help build their bottom line.

Because of her extensive background in Flood Plain Management, Katherine understands the local impact construction and development can have on increasing the risk to a property during a rain event. Creating awareness and “Flood Love,” Katherine has been traveling this year teaching her Dive into Map Changes class to help our partners in the field stay prepared when their new maps go live.

Katherine lends her expertise to independent agents and other floodplain managers to provide quality flood training, teach CE flood classes, and analyze the risks for structures in the floodplain. Katherine is always ready to assist agents before, during, and after a flood event hits and she works directly with our partners on the importance of having the Flood Talk with their clients about the real risk of flooding.

Flood season is here and our team takes your clients protection and safety seriously. Now is the time to get in touch, contact us today!

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