With technology and social media, our small world has become even smaller.  Today, clients have buying power at their very fingertips, which can sometimes make earning a customer’s business a challenge. With so many options and services to choose from, how can you make sure that your referral calls you instead of the competition?  We’ve got 5 creative ways to market yourself so that you stand out from the crowd and no, you don’t have to be Don Draper to pull this off.

1. Smoke Detector Batteries
Did you know that have to change these every 6 months? Imagine every time a homeowner went to do this, they found your contact information? Making yourself unforgettable is the way you will stand out.

2. Fire Extinguisher
Every home and business requires one.  Why not personalize these with your contact information and distribute out to local coffee shops, barber shops, nail salons or personal referrals?

3. Dog Leashes
Since Bankers Insurance offers pet liability insurance coverage, why not give out leashes with your contact information to clients with pets and a local shelter?

4. Business Cards with emergency info
Consider creating business cards that contain emergency contact numbers such as police, fire department, poison control, etc. These are useful numbers that people will rarely want to dispose of. Each time a customer reaches for this card, they also see your name and contact information associating you with these important services.

5. Social Media
This could be your biggest ally. The combined force of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ will help build your personal brand and thus your business. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Google+ depend on referrals so invite your current customers to comment on your pages and tell them how much you appreciate it! It’s human nature to want to help others.

Anything you can do to get your name out to the public is what you want to be doing; the sky is the limit here so get crafty and have fun! Read about more ideas here and get creative with your personal brand! We’re sure it will help you with sales and with getting better referrals.

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