All things successful require careful planning. This goes for jobs, for work and, of course, for your business. Does your business have a Business Continuity Plan?

Maybe you’re thinking, “a what?” Don’t fret. A Business Continuity Plan is simply a crisis-navigating road map that is unique to your organization. Think of it as your business’ very own backup-plan in the event you and your staff are met by internal and/or external risks such as a flood, a fire, or security risks that may cause a disruption.

What can you do to make sure your business is prepared?  Take some time and conduct an annual risk and vulnerability assessment. How do you do this?  We’ve got 4 easy steps for you to follow:


Step 1:  identify and document the threats that your organization may be vulnerable to. (You can enter your zip code  here to help you learn about dangers and risks in and around your area, or click here for a full list of potential risks you as a small business may face.

Step 2: indicate just how risky these threats are on a scale of 0 (very unlikely to occur) to 5 (very likely to occur).

Step 3: Rate the severity of each risk on a scale of 0 (low impact) to 5 (disastrous impact)

Step 4: Take each risk and multiply their threat scale by their severity and then rank in order from highest risk to lowest risk.  Scores of 17-25 are considered the highest ranking and should be priorities in your plan.


Don’t wait for a crisis to hit. Download OFB-EZ™ (Open for Business-EZ), a complimentary continuity planning toolkit from IBHS to help you in you get prepared and to mitigate risk.   For more business and home insurance safety tips, visit

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