Can you believe another hurricane season will soon be upon us? Don’t let the fact that Florida has been hurricane free for 10 years lure you into complacency. It’s not a matter of if, but when a storm will hit. Are you ready? Here are some ways to protect your home before a storm:

Trim Your Trees

Make sure to examine the trees that are surrounding your home. Storms are prone to snapping tree branches that are large enough to cause damage to your car, roof and even cause power outages. As often as you can, carefully get on a ladder to trim any loose branches away from the trees.

Clear Outdoor Items

During a storm lawn and deck furniture and other heavy outdoor items can become dangerous projectiles, damaging your home or your neighbors’. Be sure all lawn furniture, sports equipment, lawn tools, and any other outdoor items are stored safely away before the storm arrives.

Get Flood Insurance

Heavy rainstorms can lead to some serious flooding. Flood waters can cause damage to the foundation of your home, electrical and plumbing systems, built in appliances and more. It’s important to note that everyone lives in a flood zone. And remember, it takes 30 days for a flood policy to take effect once you’ve purchased it, so don’t wait until a disaster is about to hit. For more flood safety tips visit

Install Shutters

 Storm shutters can protect your windows from flying debris and heavy winds. Remember that tape is not a preventative measure. It doesn’t protect your windows and you end up with sticky residue to clean away. No matter how many preventative measures you take around your home, the strong winds, and rain can still cause damage to your windows.

Purchase A Generator

Fallen branches and strong winds can easily take down power lines and lightning strikes can blow up transformers. You should consider getting a generator for your home to help keep the power on during a post-storm power outage. Call an electrician to come and install it, be sure to operate it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Make A Plan

You can try every one of these steps to try to protect your home, but you should always be prepared if things take a wrong turn. Make sure you and your family know where to go in your home during a storm to stay as safe as possible.

Nobody can control the weather, but doing your due diligence as a homeowner can help prevent major headaches in the future. You should always be prepared for the unexpected and have a plan to keep you and your family safe.

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