Insurance. You hear this word everywhere, dreading the costs and not always recognizing the benefits. Some see it as a necessity, others try to avoid it. But what is insurance? Simply put, insurance is something that provides protection against a possible eventuality.

Insurance can be tricky and confusing. It’s not like going to the store to buy groceries or clothes. When you buy insurance, you’re buying a promise. If something disastrous were to happen to your house or other assets, that promise is there to protect. It’s easy to question the importance of insurance sometimes, because it’s an intangible product. Although, in a catastrophic event, insurance can be a lifesaver.

Bankers Insurance Group understands the importance of protecting your most precious assets and the benefits they provide.

Flood insurance:

Floods are considered one of the most common natural disasters.  They often strike homes and leave extreme damage, which is NOT covered under a homeowners’ insurance policy. Floods can occur anywhere and at any time, so why do some people believe they don’t need flood insurance? Just a few inches of water from a flood can cause thousands of dollars in damages. Hurricanes, winter storms and snowmelt are common – but often overlooked – causes of flooding, and can occur without warning.

The flood risk zone you live in determines the type of policy you should buy. If your property is in a low risk zone, you may qualify for a Preferred Risk Policy. Low risk policies start as low as $146 per year.

All 50 states have experienced floods or flash floods. No state is spared from this natural disaster; it’s time to get prepared.

Homeowners insurance:

A house is considered the largest investment you make during your life. It provides shelter, security, and peace of mind for you and your family. Having the right insurance coverage can save you time and money when it’s time to replace damaged items. Bankers Insurance helps you prepare for the risks you may face.

A few examples of the primary coverage Bankers Insurance Group provides:

Dwelling Coverage: The portion of your policy that pays for damage to your home in the event of a covered loss. The amount you purchase should be enough to completely rebuild your home and attached structures.

Personal Property: Personal property coverage provides protection for some of the items in your house. It is included in a Homeowners policy at its Actual Cash Value (ACV), which is the value of the item at the time of the loss, minus any accumulated depreciation. This coverage can be upgraded to Replacement Cost (RC) for an additional premium.

Personal Liability: Personal Liability coverage pays for legal damages that are awarded to a third party when you are found liable for their bodily injuries or damage to their possessions while they are on your property.

Learn more about what else is included in your Homeowners Insurance policy.

Renters insurance:

Currently, more and more people are choosing to rent rather than purchase a house. Even though you are choosing to rent, it is still critical to protect your assets. That is why you get Homeowners Insurance, and why you should consider Renters Insurance.

Renters Insurance works similarly to Homeowners Insurance, except it is tailored towards renters, because your landlord’s insurance is only covering them and their property, not yours.

Renters policy is a package policy that includes:

  • Property insurance covering damage to your belongings
  • Liability insurance covering certain legal claims against you as the tenant
  • Limited coverage for medical expenses of guests who are injured on your property

Fires, theft, and weather damage, are unfortunate common occurrences, and they can happen without warning. They are just as likely to happen in a rented apartment as they are in a house. Renters Insurance is a good safeguard in this risky world.

Business Owners Insurance:

As a business owner, you work hard to establish your business and make it as successful as you can. At Bankers Insurance Group, we offer a Business Owners Insurance policy in the event a disaster strikes and forces you to shut your doors due to damage.

Bankers Insurance Group Business Owners policy is designed for small to medium-sized businesses, and focuses on the needs or retail, mercantile, office, and habitational occupancies.

The Business Owner Policy covers three main areas:

  • Building/Property coverage pays for damages to your building and other structures on the premises, including business personal property, i.e. stock, inventory, and office equipment
  • Business Interruption coverage provides protection for a temporary shutdown of your business due to a covered cause of loss.
  • General Liability coverage provides protection including bodily injury, property damage, damage to premises rented to you, and more

The bottom line is you never know when a disaster will strike on your business, and once is does, it may be too late. Take action now to protect your business as you would protect your home.

Ready to speak to an agent?

Insurance can be complicated, but with Bankers Insurance Group you can get the help you need, and the advice you can trust. We partner with top quality independent agents who can assist you through the process.

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