Nice job. You made it through Part 1. You’re still kicking and not defeated. You’ve got your Facebook business page set up, you know your goals and whom you want to target. Okay great, now what? The juicy and fun (yes I said “fun”) part, that’s what’s next.


PART 2: Finding The Right Followers and Creating Engaging Content for the Modern Insurance Consumer


It’s content time! I know you’re thinking, “Wait! What about finding the right followers?” Don’t worry. We’ll get there. It’s important to have content on your page before you reach out for followers. This way they can tell if your page is of any value to them. After all, value is what we’re after.


1. Create valuable content.

Content includes the images, links and status updates you post to your agency page. Content is so much more than just publishing these things to your page. You’ve put a lot of effort toward defining your target audience; don’t you want to create content that will actually cater to their needs?

Think of it this way. If you’re target audience is new homeowners, you’re content should be focused not only on your homeowners insurance products but also on topics that are important to them like, “33 Moving Tips To Make Your Life Easier” or “7 Expensive Mistakes New Homeowners Make”. This is when your page becomes valuable to the consumer and they engage by liking, commenting and sharing.

Share Example


Helpful hints:

  • Share content from community pages & websites
  • Share content from page and websites like and
  • Add your thoughts to the piece in the update section to show you took the time to read and understand the article.



“Okay I get it. Share articles that will be helpful to potential clients and throw my products in the mix.” Yep! Exactly! Typically you’ll want to stick to just 2 out of 5 posts being about you selling your product. This ensures people who may have just purchased a homeowners policy from you are still getting value from your content.


2. Post often and at the right times.

Let’s be realistic. As an agency owner, agent or agency assistant you don’t have time to sit on social media all day so let’s shoot straight and start at 1x/day, 5x/week on Facebook (other platforms like Twitter require more frequent content in order for your efforts to not fall flat). Posting often creates brand awareness, shows industry expertise and shows your agency is alive and well.

As for the times, that depends on your audience. (Be wary of any articles that try to tell you they know the best times to post. They don’t know your followers and their habits!) Luckily, Facebook gives you pretty awesome insights like these for FREE! to find the times your audience engages most, follow these steps.

1. Click on insights at the top of your business Facebook page.
2. Click on Posts.
3. Facebook shows you when your fans (followers) are online. You can see the largest numbers of Bankers Insurance Group fans are online at 12pm and 9pm (red arrows).

Followers On Facebook Example

The purple arrows show the best times to post. Just before your fans get online! This way your content is hitting their news feeds right when they log in!

Helpful hints:

  • Not looking forward to sitting in front of your computer at 9pm? Check back for Part 3: Setting yourself up for success with pre-scheduling, calendar planning and ROI tracking.
  • If your graph shows 2 high points in the day like the one above, post at the earlier time. This way your content hits both high times throughout the day.


3. Find the right followers.

Now that you have some engaging and valuable content on your page, you can go out and look for followers. The good news is you’ve got a pretty big audience sitting right in front of you. Your policyholders!

Most likely, you’re sending out email newsletters. Include social in your updates and let them know that your page is more than just insurance talk!

To find out followers outside of your current network work these different avenues:

  • Invite friends and family in your personal network on Facebook.
  • Follow community pages, local news stations and non-profits in your area. (Not only can you get content from these accounts, but this a huge opportunity to follow and be followed in return!)
  • Follow your carrier pages. Again, follow and be followed.

As your current policyholders, family and friends engage with your content, others who are not connected to you (yet) will see your posts! People, helping people. Isn’t it beautiful?

Okay, take a deep breath. Part 2 can be a lot to take in but it’s really quite simple when it’s all said and done.

1. Post content that is valuable to your consumer.
2. Post just before they get online.
3. Share the news of your page with current policyholders, friends and family.


Download our friendly, Part 2 “To Do” list and continue on your way to social selling.


Doing this daily can be overwhelming so be sure to check back in next week for Part 3: Setting yourself up for success with pre-scheduling, calendar planning and ROI tracking. This way you can let the content publish on it’s own and prove that your efforts are actually benefiting your agency.

In the meantime, we’ve got some pretty awesome content (maybe its pre-scheduled, maybe its not…you’ll never know and neither will they!) on our sites. Feel free to start sharing some valuable content today!

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  1. Really nice! it seems truly helpful for people like me whom want to sell insurance. These days social media has become a big platform of every business and increasing the sale. Good matter to share!

    Comment by insurance leads — May 25, 2015 @ 4:03 am

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