Referrals are the bread and butter of gathering new business. The question remains, how can you make it work for you so that the referrals you get are better and will feed you new business? They say it’s not about how hard you work but how smart you work. Check out these 5 tips to help you work smarter on your referral hunt.

Focus on service.  Chin up! Remember that you have a skill that your client doesn’t have and you are here to assist them.  Keep your mindset on your role as a service provider and your ability to serve your client and those in your client’s network. A job well done will build trust and lay the natural groundwork for repeat business and for your name to be passed along to friends and family.  It is human nature after a positive experience to want share and promote the positive experience with others.

Give cards. At your last business meeting with your client, make it a priority to thank your client for their business and provide them with at least two business cards.  Tell your client that one is for them and one is for a friend.  They will immediately think of someone that they can pass the card along to.

 Help children of clients.  If your clients have children, speak up and offer to help take care of their children’s needs.  If you have built up a good working relationship with your client, then the trust is already there. Children will want to work with someone who was so helpful to Ma and Pa.

Speak to various groups of people.  Take a chance! Relish in your 15 minutes of fame and volunteer to speak at different events as a knowledgeable and experienced professional in your field.  Libraries, schools, churches, and community centers are great places to speak about your work and the type of service you can provide. Not only will you be exposed to a variety of different people from diverse backgrounds; audiences will see you as a trusted ‘expert’.  At the end of your presentation, give your cards!

What Goes Around Comes Around. Social media is a powerful force so why not use it?! Professional networking sites like LinkedIn have referral service built in.  Take the lead and write referrals for those in your network. They’ll appreciate it just as much as you would and your professional network will expand naturally before your eyes.

Don’t wait. Get creative and get referring! You never know who your next big client might be! Or try polishing your referral asking skills with these 4 essential skills that form the groundwork for building your network.


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