Does it feel like every time you turn on the news, Mother Nature is at it again? From floods, to tornadoes, ice storms, and hurricanes, no one can escape the natural disasters that seem to be increasing over the years.

There is good news here, which is this: that is precisely the reason we all have insurance policies. To protect ourselves, the ones we loves, and our assets in these situations.

Hopefully, you won’t be in a situation where you need to file a claim, but it you do, follow these steps.

The perfect starting point is knowing and understanding what your coverage is. Many people think weather-related damage is covered under their homeowner policy. Au contraire. You will need a separate policy to protect you from these things. Some states let insurers include deductibles in their homeowners policy in the event of a hurricane. Does yours? There is no better time to call your Bankers Insurance agent and have a conversation about your coverage.

Living in a coastal state, hurricanes are a real threat. Usually, thanks to technology, we can track these a few days out and have time to prepare. If you are in an area in which is expected to be effected, take an inventory of your household items.: Take photos of things you own, especially the more expensive items. You can also take video to show different angles, features, etc. If you have any receipts for recent purchases, store those as well. Why make this effort? If something were to happen to your home and what’s inside, this will help you to receive a fair payout when the time comes to collect. In other words, the more detailed you are about price, brand, etc., the better.

After the storm has rolled through and you can safely move around, take notes and photos of any damage immediately. Do not throw anything away until the adjuster has seen them.

Finally, contact your insurer immediately.  Call your Bankers Insurance agent who can help you sort through what needs done and what your next steps are.

At Bankers, we believe that peace of mind starts with the purchase of an insurance policy, so if you have insurance already, you’re on the right track. If not, give us a call today!

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