Many people are wishing one another a happy holiday, but Bankers Insurance Group wants to wish you a safe holiday. Fireworks can be fun but if not properly used they can cause major injuries to not only people around them, but property as well. When setting up your big show, keep these pointers in mind:

1. Observe local laws and use COMMON sense.

2. Sparklers burn at 2000F-hot enough to burn some metals. Hands and fingers are 36% of all reported injuries due to fireworks. Followed closely by heads, faces and ears with 22%. Don’t allow children to handle sparklers without the strict supervision of an adult.

3. Wear safety glasses when handling fireworks. 16% of injured body parts from fireworks are the eyes.

4. After fireworks complete their burning, douse them with water before discarding to avoid a trash fire.

5. Following a firework show, don’t allow children to help in the clean up process. They may still be active and should only be handled by responsible adults.

6. Never carry fireworks in your pocket or shoot them from metal or glass bottles.

7. Always keep a fire extinguisher near by. Check to make sure your fire extinguisher is maintained properly for use.

7. Never relight a “dud” firework. Keep the device at a safe distance and wait 20 minutes, then soak with water.

8. All fireworks should be used OUTDOORS and in a clear area away from buildings and vehicles. Check the fireworks you purchase to see what size safe zone is required.

9. Report illegal explosives, like M-80s and quarter sticks, to the fire or police department.

10. The safest way to enjoy a fireworks show is to attend a community show run by professionals.

These are a few pointers that will help to ensure you a SAFE and HAPPY holiday!

For more tips and statistics check out these sources:

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