What kind of salesman are you? Glass half-empty or glass half-full? With the right attitude, you can make 2014 the year of positive thinking and bigger opportunities.

You’re faced with many challenges, including the latest Flood Insurance guidelines that recently went into effect.

A common challenge agents face is customers not understanding the ins and outs of insurance. Where is the opportunity here? This is your time to shine, teaching clients and in the meantime earning their trust as well as business.

The Zywave’s 2013 Broker Service Study showed that policyholders want 3 things from their agents.

  1. Regulatory and legislative updates,
  2. Claims-reducing information,
  3. Employee-focused health and safety information.

So what do you think? Are you giving those three things to your customers?

Another challenge presented to agents in the use of social media. You keep hearing (over and over and over) how important it is, but you also know how time consuming this process can be. People respond in different ways. It is no news that some people prefer the phone, other email, and now a newer medium we like to call social media.  Consider it an effective way to reach younger adults who will needing insurance once they leave their parents’ plan.  Do you think they might respond if you connect with them through social media? There is a huge opportunity for you here, especially because not many agents are utilizing these platforms effectively.

If you are looking for some other ideas, check out our Low Hanging Fruit blog to get an idea of where you may be missing a huge opportunity with renters.

Or try polishing up your sales with these 4 tips that will bring you back to the basics to spike sales.

Finally, why not make 2014 your biggest year yet and utilize these 5 insurance ideas you most likely haven’t though of yet.

Don’t be a Negative Nick or Nancy this year. Look at the glass half full and go out there to sell like you’ve never sold before!

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