As a family owned company, we at Bankers love being able to provide a personalized service to our agents and consumers. When our phones ring, we don’t see a phone number. We see someone in need and an opportunity to help them. No matter what your questions or concerns, we are here for you. Our entire team is no farther apart than a walk down the hallway. This allows us to support your entire process in the most efficient way, getting back to you with the answers you need. We are proud to be part of such an amazing team and we look forward to assisting you.


Ruth - Bankers FloodRuth Bennett, Flood Director

Why I chose Flood: Floods are the #1 Natural Disaster. Each time there is a flood, I hear about the number of properties that were damaged and how many of the owners were not carrying flood insurance. I want to help raise awareness of the risk of flooding and show property owners how beneficial flood insurance is. This is not only a career for me. It’s a passion.

Flood Tip: Many property owners chose not to incur the cost of flood insurance. When discussing the benefits of this coverage I like to look at it this way, if I carry $250,000 in building coverage and my premium is $1000/year, it would take me 250 years to pay for the amount of coverage that I have at that rate. But if I have a total loss I receive the $250,000 no matter how long I’ve been paying. The way I see it, you can’t get better odds than that if I was in Vegas.

Random Fact: One of my favorite vacations was watching the Tampa Bay Rays play the Red Sox at Fenway Park. GO RAYS!!



Helen - Bankers FloodHelen Clark, Flood CSR II

Why I chose Flood: I like the fact that flood insurance is governed by the NFIP. Every company is governed by the same rules.

Flood Tip: Always pay your premium on time. Lapses in coverage can have premium and coverage consequences.

Random Fact: I like to be referred to as “Lady Helen”. 🙂





Pam - Bankers FloodPam Nusbaum, Flood Underwriter

Why I chose Flood: I take great pride in assisting agents to get quotes out efficiently and correctly to their policyholders. I take pride in making sure information is correct for accurate rate quoting.

Flood Tip: On enclosures/crawlspaces that are closed in below and for garages located in AE Zones – we require the size of each and venting of each to accurately quote. Make sure to include these specifications along with your elevation certification even in VE zones.

Random Fact: I love going to the gym for weekly workouts.




Ashley - Bankers FloodAshley Tozo, Flood CSR II

Why I chose Flood: It can be very complex and challenging. I enjoy using my knowledge to make it easier for agents and insureds to understand.

Flood Tip: When you are working with a building elevated with a crawlspace or enclosure, did you know that the proper venting requirements only apply to properties located within an A zone? When you are rating with a V zone, venting information is not applicable to exclude an enclosure/crawlspace for rating.

Random Fact: I graduated high school early at 16 so I could spend 2 months vacationing in South Africa.




Shelby - Bankers FloodShelby Morena, Flood Trainer

Why I chose Flood: Each risk is different and it’s a constantly evolving product. Never boring.

Flood Tip: Always speak to a flood professional before building a new home. Your architect and city permitting office are not required to know the flood rules. Get a “proposed elevation” before you break ground to know your flood risk and what you can do to mitigate your risk!

Random Fact: I speak fluent Spanish!




Danny - Bankers FloodDanny Mitchell, Flood Agency Services Specialist

Why I chose Flood: I love flood because there is always something to learn.

Flood Tip: Get flood insurance before you need it because once you need it and don’t have it, it’s too late.

Random Fact: Married for 21 years and have a 17 year old daughter.





Janelle - Bankers FloodJanelle Benjamin, Flood Underwriter

Why I chose Flood: I enjoy working with our agents and helping them to gain a better understanding of flood insurance.

Flood Tip (to the agents): Offer a Flood policy to each and every one of your clients/ insured’s. Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States.

Random Fact: I love to travel!





Laz - Bankers Flood Laz Herrada, Flood Claims Manager

Why I chose Flood: Flood insurance is where I began my career in the insurance business. It is what I know best. I enjoy educating agents, adjusters and the general public on what a necessity it really is to have!

Flood Tip: If you have a claim, make sure and photograph, photograph, photograph. Nowadays it is so much easier to do with smart phones. Photograph your damaged personal items, furniture, clothes. The more the better! Contents are one of the hardest items to support in a flood claim. Photos can make all the difference. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in claims it can be worth thousands of dollars!

Random Fact: I enjoy scuba diving. It is so peaceful and allows me to get away from things. Just not in flood waters.



Tim - Bankers FloodTim Killian, Flood Underwriter/Trainer

Why I chose Flood: I love helping people understand a topic that is rarely talked about in the insurance industry.

Flood Tip (to the agents): Take all the classes you can about Flood, in person or webinar.

Random Fact: I’m a firefighter on my off days.






Melissa - Bankers FloodMelissa Andrick, Flood Claims Rep

Why I chose Flood: Flood policies and its coverage seem to be more misunderstood than any other line of business. I love to be the one to talk with an agent and clear up any confusion.

Flood Tip:  If you own a home, buy flood insurance. It’s a devastatingly expensive loss, whether you get 6 inches of water or 6 feet of water.  On the claims side, know that your flood adjuster is there to help. He/She is your best advocate in your flood loss.

Random Fact: I call myself a Flood Nerd.  I like to keep up with all things Flood from Underwriting to Claim Payment.




Brian - Bankers FloodBrian Hutchinson, Flood Product Analyst

Why I chose Flood: It was the first insurance product I studied. It just clicked and I found enjoyment in learning more about flood. I like working with a product I can believe in and support.

Flood Tip: For those that work in Flood, read your Manual. For the insured, know your area’s potential for flood risk and be ready to protect yourself.

Random Fact: I serve as a Deacon and Youth Leader.





Sandy - Bankers FloodSandy Pitolich, Flood Underwriter

Why I chose Flood: Flood and Excess Flood provide me with the challenge to constantly grow and educate myself in the workplace.

Random Fact: I have been insurance for 42 years and with Bankers for 27!






Cory - Bankers FloodCory Albright, Flood CSR II

Why I chose Flood: I enjoy helping people and enjoy the people I work with.

Flood Tip: “Newly mappeddoesn’t mean that it was just mapped into an X, B, C zone. It is actually the opposite. This means it was previously a low risk zone such as B, C, X and was recently mapped into a higher zone.

Random Fact: I lived in Ecuador for a small period of time.





{Is your favorite flood team member missing? Check back in tomorrow for more bios!}


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