Are you going on summer vacation this season? Do you enjoy roasting marshmallows by the campfire on those chilly summer nights? Nothing’s better than a summer filled with fun activities, but it is important to be aware of fire hazards and the various risks that come with them. For instance, did you know that in the United States alone approximately 5,000 homes and forests are destroyed by fire every day during the summer season? It is vital to be prepared and learn the numerous ways in which you can prevent a fire from ruining your summer. To start with, the first thing you should do is protect yourself and your loved ones by acquiring a Homeowner’s Insurance policy that suits your needs. Don’t be a statistic.

Even after acquiring a comprehensive policy, accidents will still happen. Here are a few easy fire safety tips that you can implement while still enjoying your summer activities.

Campfire Safety

Whether you’re on a camping trip or in your backyard, making s’mores and telling scary stories by the campfire is one of the best ways to end a summer night. Unfortunately, if campfires aren’t controlled properly they can be extremely dangerous. Follow these fire safety tips the next time you decide to have a campfire.

    • Build the campfire where it won’t spread. Don’t build under hanging tree branches or near grassy areas and dry leaves.
    • Keep lighter fluid far away from the campfire as stray flames might ignite the fluid.
    • If a tent is nearby, make sure that you place the fire downwind from the tent.
    • Large campfires might be visually appealing, but they aren’t safe. Keep the fire small, so you can control it.
    • Never leave the fire unattended. Always properly put the fire out before leaving the premises.
    • Extinguish the fire by pouring water on it and use a shovel to bury the fire with ashes and dirt.

Summer Travel

Summer is the perfect time to take a trip with your family or friends, but if you don’t take the proper precautions your house could catch fire while you’re away. This is a frightening thought, but it can easily be prevented by following these fire safety tips. Sometimes unfortunate events still occur, which is why having a Homeowner’s Insurance policy in place is still very important.

    • Make sure that your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms work properly.
    • Unplug all electronics and appliances (computers, window air conditioners, etc.). 1 in 10 home fires are caused by an electronical malfunction.
    • Never let a cord run under rugs or furniture especially if the wire is torn.
    • Put a timer on your house lights to be on at night. Suspicious fires can come from vandalism to a home while the homeowners and residents are out of town.

Enjoy your summer activities even more by educating yourself on fire safety tips so you can prevent scary events from occurring. Here at Bankers Insurance Group, we want to protect you and your home. No matter how many preventative measures you take, accidents still happen. Our Homeowner Insurance policy will not only keep you covered this season, but it will protect you from the most devastating – and costly peril you face. Contact a Bankers agent today to get a quote!

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