You know you’ve been there. That moment of meeting with someone who you know has his or her guard up. Whether you sell cars, homes or insurance you can sense their immediate lack of trust as they enter the room. The good news is this situation can be salvaged and that trust can be gained in the time span of your short but crucial meeting.

As the agent, there are 3 simple ways to creating a positive experience for both you and your client.

1. Educate your client before they meet with you.  Let them know what to expect when meeting with you. Inform them of things they will need to make the meeting successful, like a home or business inventory. Guide them to sites such as for step-by-step information on this process.

2. Relax. It’s important to be educated on your materials but be careful not to sound rehearsed. When you sound as if you’ve practiced what to say, it may convey that you are unsure of yourself and what you are suggesting for the client. Expect questions but don’t rehearse them. To better understand what may be coming your way, we’ve got a few questions all agents should be able to answer here.

3. Be there to help not to sell.  Without asking, “How may I help you?” be eager to listen to your customer and create a personal bond by avoiding the immediate list of options for them. Truly pay attention to their needs and then you can adjust your approach as you help sort out the best policy for them.

As an agent, you only succeed if your client succeeds. After all, your primary goal is to make them feel comfortable in knowing they have the right protection in case of a disaster.

Interested in becoming an independent agent? We can and would love to help.  Fill out this online questionnaire and we will be in touch.


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