What do a little boy on a bicycle, a mattress store, a construction worker and a hitchhiker all have in common? If it were obvious this wouldn’t be as fun. They each have something that can protect you during a tornado. Below is a breakdown of how these 4 very unrelated things can help you remember 4 very important safety tips.

Bankers Blog Tornado Preparedness HelmetThe little boy on a bicycle. Notice what he is wearing on his head. A helmet! Helmets are great form of protection from flying debris. Flying debris from tornadoes is the cause of most tornado related fatalities and injuries.



Bankers Blog Tornado Preparedness Mattress

The mattress store. No it’s not the sales or the sheep that can save you but the mattresses that can help protect you from debris. It’s best to find a sturdy table or workbench for cover, but having the added protection of the mattress will increase your level of safety.



Bankers Blog Tornado Preparedness Shoes

The construction worker. Check out his stylish footwear. Okay, so it’s not very stylish but it protects his feet from construction site debris and any heavy objects/metals that may be tossed around at the site. You see where we’re going with this? Sturdy shoes are a must for tornado prepping. Not only will they protect your feet during the tornado but when you are cleared to come out of your safe area, you may have trouble getting around your neighborhood in flip flops or sandals.



Bankers Blog Tornado Preparedness Hitchhiker

Okay, we know what you are thinking. Where are they going with this one? Even though a hitchhiker doesn’t have anything obvious that could protect you from a tornado, he is a good reminder. Never try to outrun a tornado in your car or truck. Leave your car and search for immediate shelter. Remember, you’re safer in a low, flat area than you are under an overpass or bridge.


The next time there is a threat of a tornado in your area, remember the hitchhiker wearing a helmet and boots headed to the mattress store. Not only will you have a good laugh, but you’ll be better protected as well. To receive storm alert updates, be prepared and update your email address. For more tornado safety tips, check out ready.gov/tornadoes.

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