Knowing the risks you face as a homeowner is only a fraction of being prepared for potential disasters. It’s also important to know how to protect your home in case you encounter one of these unfavorable events. Keep in mind, your location effects whether some or all of these perils affect you.

Below are 9 different risks that every homeowner should know as well as some ways to keep your home protected in the event they decide to pay you a visit.

1. Wind and Hail. Keep your trees trimmed. If possible, equip your home with exterior shutters to cover all window openings and reinforce your garage doors.

2. Lightning. Use UL tested and approved power strips and surge protectors. When facing an oncoming storm, unplug all non-essential electrical items and appliances.

3. Earthquake. Use protective clips and latches on all cabinets. Refrain from hanging artwork and mirrors in places that could cause be harmful to your family if they fall. If you live in the area of a known fault, have your home inspected for compliance to local building codes.

4. Hurricane. Invest in hurricane shutters. Store essentials including but not limited to a week’s worth of water, food and medicines. If you have pets, don’t forget pet supplies, as well as personal hygiene supplies. Make sure to have a battery-powered radio, flashlights and extra batteries. Take a walk around your property and check for hazards.

5. Water Loss. Check the maintenance of your appliances often. Your appliance owner manuals will guide you as to how often they need to be checked. When leaving for vacation, shut your water off. Purchase alarm or leak detectors.

6. Fire. Do not leave pots and pans unattended while on the stove (cooking or grease fires are the most common). In the case of a grease fire, don’t pour water to put the fire out. Also, don’t overload power strips and avoid plug-in air fresheners.

7. Theft. Use automatic timers to control both exterior and interior lights. While on vacation, put a hold on your mail. Check windows and doors after workers leave your home to ensure everything is locked.

8. Liability. Place handrails on all stairs. Fence in your pool and surround it with adequate lighting. Keep dogs on a leash and away from strangers.

9. Flood. Keep a weather radio on hand to monitor for flood warnings. Keep your car fueled and be prepared for evacuation. Remember, flash floods can happen in all 50 states. Also keep in mind that flood coverage is purchased separately from your homeowner’s policy.

There are additional ways to protect your home. To read the full list, check out our website at

Not sure what risks are in your area? Meet the risks on our website. Search by your zip code and be introduced to potential risks that may be in your neighborhood.

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