No one likes spending money. Correction, no one likes spending money on things that aren’t “fun.” We know preparing your home for winter is probably not considered “fun” so we’ve compiled a list of 8 ways to winterize your home, without opening your wallet.

1. Close off vents and doors to rooms you aren’t using. Use old towels to block the heat from escaping under doorways.

2. Protect any exterior faucets with covers or insulation.

3. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow warm air to circulate around your pipes.

4. Leave your faucets on at a slow drip to allow the water to flow through the pipes and prevent freezing.

5. Clear your gutters of debris so water doesn’t back up and freeze.

6. Reverse your ceiling fans. Set them to rotate clockwise by flipping the switch on the base. This will help to push the warm air down to the living space.

7. Disconnect all garden hoses and drain water that remains. Don’t have freeze resistant faucets? Go ahead and shut the water off at the shut off value inside your home.

8. Mow your leaves. Don’t rake them. Studies by the University of Michigan and Purdue have shown that by dicing your leaves to dime size and allowing them to settle in the grass actually nourishes the grass blades during the winter season.

DOWNLOAD this checklist now to start winterizing your home tonight. Don’t procrastinate. We all know Mother Nature likes to show up without much of a warning. Just like the in-laws over the holidays, what a great time that was when you weren’t prepared.

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