Do you ever feel like your interpretation of your insurance policy isn’t so black and white? Have you ever said,

Flood INsurnace Bath FB

not knowing that your homeowners’ water loss policy already has your back? Or have you ever asked the question,

Bankers Insurance Flood Insurance FB Post


At the risk of you having a grey-out trying to decipher your insurance policy, we’ve compiled 50 real life scenarios and topics that may not come across so black and white. By the time you get through this list you’ll be saying, “Not so grey, I see it now.”


50 Shades Of Insurance- GOlf Clubs1. You’re on a business trip in Seattle and you’ve just left the golf course. You decide to grab a bite to eat with your colleagues. After a fulfilling meal you head back to your rental car to find your clubs are missing. You immediately think, “Thank goodness I bought rental car insurance”. But in reality, your homeowners’ policy already has you covered.





50 Shades Of Insurance- Snow Melt2. In a matter of hours, “Winter Storm Dakota” left an unanticipated 4 feet of snow piled against your home’s windows and doors. At this point there is no damage to your house but you know the melted snow has to go somewhere. You don’t live in a high risk “flood zone” so purchasing flood insurance has never crossed your mind. But in this case, it’s just what you need to be covered the looming damage.




50 Shades Of Insurance- Curious Kid3. While the neighborhood kids are good kids, they are an extremely curious bunch. They decide your backyard would be the best place for their football game and since you aren’t home, it’s the perfect timing as well. One thing leads to another and little Charlie ends up in the hospital after falling on some decorative rocks you piled up for weekend landscaping. Does your homeowners’ have you covered? The answer is yes.




50 Shades Of Insurance- Buisness Man4. Recognized now as a global leader in communications technologies, Eco manufacturing, and next generation farming solutions, it’s easy to say the company you’ve worked so hard to build is doing well. Just between us, your vacation home alone is worth $405,000. You’ve purchased flood insurance but did you know that if your home is worth over $250,000, you need Excess Flood Insurance to ensure your luxury getaway is fully covered?




50 Shades Of Insurance- Tree5. You’ve been talking about that tree in your neighbor’s yard for months. It looks weak and it’s definitely leaning towards your house. Well, last night all your worst fears came true. The big bad wolf/storm came through and blew that tree down, right into your living room. Luckily, your homeowners’ insurance covers it.






Bankers Insurance sharknado loss endorsement6. Not sure how this one made the list because it’s arguably the most black and white of our grey scenarios; your coverage for a shark launching tornado, Sharknado Insurance.





50 Shades Insurance- Computer7. This computer you use to contact your agent via website, email or social.








50 Shades Of Insurance- Doctor8. What could be greyer than a TV show about a bunch of doctors working at a hospital in Seattle? Well I’ll tell you what’s not grey about this group, their liability insurance.







950 Shades of Insurance- Rat. Grey in color, black and white in gross factor. Coverage for these critters can depend on your choice of policy protection. Check with your agent to be sure you have the coverage you expect.






50 Shades Of Insurance- Plunger10. After having a killer day at the office, you arrive at your apartment to find your bedroom TV and sound system drenched in water. It seems to be seeping through from your upstairs neighbor’s apartment. You dry them off to the best of your ability but it’s too late. What’s never been late is your payment for renter’s insurance, which means you get to replace those damaged devices and you can also afford to gift a plunger to your neighbor.




50 Shades Of Insurance- Cell Phone11. You never leave your phone. Never. Except that one time when you ran into the grocery store for milk. Eight minutes later and just as your separation anxiety sets in, you’re back at your car but only to find that your window is broken and your phone is gone. The only good news of this day is your is your homeowners’ or renters insurance will cover the loss of your phone.




50 Shades Of Insurance- Meteorite12. A meteorite is grey in color but if one hits your home, it could leave quite the black hole in your wallet. Good news is, this rare event is covered by your homeowners policy.







50 Shades Insurance- Bright House Award13. This Bright House Networks Regional Business Award is a shade of grey we like to call, silver. Yeah, that’s ours. We won it at their 2015 annual award ceremony.







50 Shades Of Insurance- Battleship Grey14. Battleship grey. Yeah that’s just grey. No sinking that ship.








50 Shades of Insurance- Cubicles15. These fine grey cubicles in our office contain the knowledge of 2 Flood Gurus who are pros at helping you see clearly once the rain is gone.







50 Shades Of Insurance- Bankers INsurance BUilding16. Bankers Insurance Group office building located in the not so grey state of Florida.








50 Shades of Insurance - Cracked Driveway17. This crack in your concrete driveway that can be flagged as a hazard when trying to get a homeowners’ policy.








50 Shades of Insurance- Grey Tie18. This tie which just confirms the professionalism of your insurance agent.








50 Shades of Insurance- Luggage19. This luggage that our reps use when traveling to conferences for continuing education to better serve our agents and ultimately you.







50 Shades Of Insurance- Dog20. Your grouchy but oh so cuddly, “Sparky the terrier”, has always served as a respectable guard dog. Because he’s so cuddly, you’d never expected him to bite the neighbor returning your borrowed lawn equipment. Depending on the state you live in, your homeowners’ policy will put a leash on your out of pocket expenses. Check with your agent to see if you’re covered.





50 Shades of Insurance - Golf Swing21. It’s sunny and 70. Perfect weather for 18 relaxing holes on the golf course. It’s been a while since you used your clubs so your first swing isn’t so pretty. Not only that but the ball takes a turn to the left and hits a fellow golfer on the course. Looks like you made a hole in one for his medical bills. But a little birdie tells us your homeowners’ insurance will cover your liability.





50 Shades of Insurance- Telephone22. This telephone that your agent uses to discuss and resolve your policy concerns.








50 Shades of Insurance- Bacon23. If your bacon is grey, back away. Did you know that if a loss of power causes your food to spoil, your homeowners’ policy could cover the damage?







50 Shades Of Insurance- Gray matter24. We’ve got a lot of grey matter at Bankers Insurance Group.








50 Shades of Insurance- Grey Chairs25. These office chairs that are used during collaborative development meetings to bring you the most innovative and beneficial coverage for your ever changing needs.







50 Shades Of Insurance- Mold26. There is mold in your movie room. Mold. Fungus. You find out that removing it may cost you more than the 90” 4K Curved TV you been saving up for to make it the ultimate movie room. Coverage for this type of damage is dependent on your specifications. Check with your agent and have them review the language of your policy to ensure your covered to your expectations.




50 Shades Of Insurance- Wet wall27. You and your friends from Washington State University are hanging out at your apartment when all of a sudden you notice a part of your living room wall that looks darker than usual. You put your hand on the spot and realize there is water seeping through. A pipe burst. Awesome. Got renter’s insurance? No prob. You’re covered.





50 Shades of Insurance- Grey Suit28. This suit worn by an insurance agent.









50 Shades Of Insurance- Trophy29. This trophy that if stolen from your home would require some hefty property insurance.








50 Shades Of Insurance- Singer30. A superstar that loves to “roar” who once had a performance outfit banned by a touring insurance company.








50 Shades of Insurance- Sharknado Dog Costume31. This. Need Sharknado Insurance?








50 Shades Insurance- Coffee Mug32. This coffee mug found on one of our agent’s desks.








50 Shades Of Insurance- Grey Sky33. No one enjoys paying for insurance but the moment you need to file a claim…“Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)” – Vertical Horizon







50 Shades of Insurance- Handcuffs34. In most states, fraudulent insurance claims can be either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the nature and extent of the fraud committed.







50 Shades of Insurance- Newpaper35. This newspaper that can be found in the break room every morning.








50 Shades Of Insurance- Ash Grey36. Ash grey. It’s such a solid grey. Why would you want to mess with that?








50 Shades of Insurance- Identity Theft37. This grey masked identity thief. Coverage for identity theft is typically an additional policy so don’t count on your homeowners’ policy covering you if your credit cards, social security or birth certificate are taken from your home and used to buy gas at 40 different gas stations across the state.






50 Shades Of Insurance- Basement38. The sewer backs up, floods your basement and now there is grey water everywhere. Are you covered? No. Standard home insurance policies don’t cover sewer backups, and many specifically exclude damage from sewer back-ups. If you live near this type of potential hazard, ask your agent about an endorsement that can cover you.





50 Shades Of Insurance- Luggage Hotel Room39. You’re bummed you weren’t invited on the trip to London with your buddy and his new girlfriend so you and some friends make plans for Miami. You get there, unpack and head out for the night. When you get back to the room you’re bummed again to find everything in your room is GONE. The only thing they couldn’t take was your renter’s insurance. Which luckily has you covered in this bummer situation.





50 Shades Of Insurance- Vodka40. Grey liquor made in the country of France. The choice drink of insurance agents or we’re just running out of grey things.








50 Shades of Insurance- Grey Wall41. This wall in our claims department. We weren’t picky about the color of our walls because after all, our only focus is you.








50 Shades of Insurance - Sales Manager Car42. One of our Flood Guru’s car. A shiny silver shade of grey.






To get really literal…

43. Gray & Gray Insurance, Jacksonville, FL

44. Sid Gray Insurance, Tallahassee, FL

45. Michael Gray Surety Agency, Centennial, CO

46. John W. Gray Insurance Agency, Naples, FL

47. Gray’s Insurance Agency, Conroe, TX

48. Gray Miller & Middleton, West Columbia, SC

49. Grayson Thomas Agency, Fountain Inn, SC


And lastly…

50 Shades of Insurance- Baby Koala50. This baby koala. How does he have anything to do with insurance you ask? He doesn’t. But look at him. How could we not?






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