So here it is again. Another new year, complete with a list of new promises and resolutions.  Among the 5 most popular resolutions (eat right and exercise, stop smoking, drink less, save money, and balance work and life) what are you planning to do in your career that will help you with your overall goals and objectives?  We found 5 great ideas that will get your new year off to a fantastic start.

#1 Build Better Relationships – Be patient when building relationships. Resist the urge to schmooze, as it can be a severe put-off. Share a little of yourself with clients, but also get to know them and what makes them tick. Treat each client as your most important one, small and large alike. Simply put, happy clients are more likely to make referrals.

#2 Improve Communication Skills – Communication is one of the most important aspects of any client relationship. In our busy lives, it is easy to assume, and we all know what happens when we assume.  Remember the 7 C’s of effective communications and you’ll be good to go. Be clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous.

#3 Categorize, Prioritize – It’s easy to get distracted. On the job, your family and personal life creeps in. At home, you hear the ‘ding’ of a new e-mail that needs attention. Put people and events in categories:Family, Work, Friends. Prioritize their importance throughout your day. Take time to arrange your day so that in your time at work, the issues you face and the items demanding your attention are going to enhance your focus and enjoyment of each one.

#4 Create a Winning Routine – You simply can’t do it all at once.  Pick the things that are most important and schedule them accordingly. Leave time in your schedule for the little things that pop up.  Unapologetically take control of your time and priorities, and your friends and coworkers will come to respect your discipline and dedication.

#5 Go the extra mile – As your business grows, there will be times that you’ll have to make a decision on when to adjust or expand your core offerings to cater to the needs of a client. Benefits of offering customized solutions vary from a client’s remembering the times you came through for them to opening up additional revenue streams and new product offerings you had not previously considered.

For more tips, follow our podcasts on Bankers University! Here’s to making 2014 your best year yet!


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