Let’s not kid ourselves: New Year’s resolutions have become somewhat of a cliche when it comes to making and achieving goals. But what if you could take your typical resolutions and transform them in to moneymakers? Below are 3 ways you can actually achieve your goals this year and save some cash at the same time.

1. I will no longer procrastinate. Rain and quickly melting snowstorms have already caused major damage across the nation and winter has just begun. Contact your agent today to see if flood insurance (even in a low risk area) is beneficial to you. Most flood policies have 30-day wait period for coverage to become effective so you really cannot procrastinate.

“How does this save me money?” you ask. While you may be paying a premium up front, the amount you don’t have to pay when it comes to a claim will save you major bucks.

2. I will renovate my home. By renovating your home to meet current building codes, you can save on your homeowners policy. Plumbing, heating/air conditioning, electric and roof all qualify for a discount. You can also save money by renovating to make your home more resistant to wind. Some examples of these features are roof shape, type of roof covering, how the roof deck is attached to the rafters, how the rafters are attached to the wall and if the home has installed exterior shutters. The discount varies based on the combination of features on a house or condominium.

3. I will lose weight. Did you know that stress can cause weight gain? By contacting your agent and making sure you have the right coverage you can help to shed the worry weight and possibly some cash. From policy endorsements to policy discounts, you could be looking at a healthier and more frugal you.

Bankers Insurance Group wishes you a Happy New Year and a resolution- successful 2015.

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