The opportunity is there. Are you taking advantage of it? If you are not making the most of these 4 tips below, you are missing major chances. It’s understandable that your To-Do list is packed with many other tasks, but it’s important to keep sales first on that list.

1. First is the worst! Have you ever avoided a task for so long that by the time you got to it, it ended up taking twice as long to complete? Complete the “worst” tasks first and get them out of the way. This will not only clear your day for productiveness (and potential sales) but it also provides a strong sense of accomplishment.

2. Plant the seed. Set aside a specific time slot during your day for sales. This is where you reach out to leads, make calls and respond to emails. Push yourself to complete as many “to-dos” as possible in this time. Knowing there is a time limit will help you enjoy the time you do spend working to complete these tasks.

3. Close the deal. Act on your leads daily. Be careful not to be pushy, but being proactive can help to seal the deal.

4. Know Your Stuff. It’s obvious that a salesperson needs to know about their product in order to sell, but what is most important is continuing education. Knowing and understanding changes in tax and insurance law will affect the way you sell.

Keep in mind that you will not close a deal every day. What is important is to plant seeds daily and to water the ones you have planted. Interested in becoming an agent? Contact us at

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