Employee Spotlight – Gerry Waytowich

G Waytowich picWith his commitment to Bankers Insurance Group (BIG), Gerry is a valuable team member for the BIG Flood team. With over 14 years experience, we are thrilled to highlight Gerry Waytowich, Flood Claims Manager for Bankers Insurance Group, as our Spotlight Employee.

Get to know Gerry:

What do you like the most about working for Bankers? What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

“Working with the associates and management of Bankers. The opportunity to excel and apply my flood knowledge for the benefit of the Bankers Insurance Group’s flood program in the claims department”

What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

“Playing Golf, fishing, and spending time with my seven grandkids”

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?

“I was deployed to Puerto Rico every year by the NFIP to present the flood adjuster’s certification presentations. I enjoyed the people, climate and food of the area.”

What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t do this?

“I would have pursued a career in aviation as a pilot.”

What are you most proud of?

“My association with the National Flood Insurance Program and people associated with the program.”

Where is your favorite place to eat?

“Flame Stone Steak restaurant in the Oldsmar area”

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

“I held a commercial pilot’s license, multi-engine, with instrument rating and with a designation as a flight instructor, at the age of 21”

We would like to thank Gerry for being such a great asset to the team as he continues to deliver superior work and uplift the group with his can-do attitude. Keep up the great work, Gerry!




Water Damage – Prevention is Key

Water, our most basic source for survival.  It’s also a dangerous culprit in the destruction of many of our homes and businesses. Did you know that water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim? So, while we can’t control rainfall, floods and other natural water disasters, we can do our best to protect our homes and businesses from possible water damage.

The best way to prevent water damage is to ensure that the inside and outside of your home is well maintained and ready to withstand whatever may come its way. Follow these tips to keep your home protected against water damage:

  • Inside Your Home
    • Regularly inspecting appliance hoses, faucets, showers and tubs for any leaks that may lead to leaks or drainages.
    • Checking for leaks regularly also prevents long-term damage caused by mold and mildew.
    • Knowing the location of the main water shut-off valve in your home will ensure you can quickly address a damaged hose or burst pipe before it enters your home.
  • Outside Your Home
    • Much like the inside of your home, you’ll want to regularly inspect the sprinklers and irrigation systems surrounding your home.
    • Clearing out any accumulated debris in your rain gutters and downspouts (or installing gutter guards) helps direct the flow of water away from your home.
    • Being mindful of the plants and trees thriving in your yard can also prevent water damage. Many plant roots tend to wrap around water pipes and destroy them. Landscaping away from utility pipes should always be taken into consideration.
  • Upgrade, Install and MonitorWater Damage Infographic
    • Water loss in the home can also be caused by older, leaking washing machine hoses. Upgrade your hoses periodically and check the water pressure in your home to ensure they don’t break down under pressure.
    • Installing water detection devices near water heaters, sump pumps and dishwashers can detect when slow leaks and low moisture levels emerge.
    • After upgrades and installations, make sure to monitor your water bill to expose any possible leaks that might be lurking around your home.

If you’ve already experienced some form of water damage to your home or business, here is a handy infographic that highlights the immediate steps for you to address the issue right away.

Contact a Bankers agent if you have any questions about water hazards or water damage prevention.

New Year . . . New Insurance Policy?

New year, new you. New insurance policy?

Each new year brings fresh resolutions, goals, ambitions and possible changes for the new year. What better time to review the insurance policy for one of your largest investments – your home.

In the past year, your home might have undergone a minor or drastic makeover. You might have remodeled your patio or kitchen, added a fun, new enhancement like a swimming pool or even upgraded the level of security in your home. While most of these changes are exciting, they may require some form of update to your existing home insurance policy. These updates may come in the form of coverage adjustments, a home value increase or even discounts to your policy.

So go ahead and add the annual review of your home insurance policy to your already existing list of new goals for the year and help ensure your home is protected and covered in the new year.

Contact a Bankers agent for questions about your insurance policy.

2017 Bankers Year in Review

For Bankers, 2017 was all about improving our processes and making it easier for you to do business with us. Here is a look back at some of our biggest initiatives from 2017 . . . . .

inspectionBIG Improvements to Homeowners

In November 2017, Bankers implemented two significant improvements to our Homeowners Program. We began sending underwriting request letters to insureds and activated mailing letters directly to policyholders informing them our inspection company would be contacting them to schedule a home inspection.


bop-quotingEnhanced Florida BOP Platform

In November 2017, Bankers launched a new and improved BOP Quoting Platform with upgraded compatibility view settings and one-stop quote search.


ho-quote-portalNew Florida Homeowners Quoting Portal

Bankers launched a brand new homeowners quoting portal in October 2017. Offering less clicks, easy to read pages, new monthly pay plans for EFT and interactive rates. Look for our new homeowners platform coming soon to all other states!


disaster-reliefBankers Offers Free Disaster Assistance

As Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma brought unprecedented hardship to families in the southeast, Bankers teamed up with Global Institutional Solutions to provide assistance to families and business customers through our Disaster Services Program.


ivansIVANS Commercial Download

Bankers implemented IVANS Commercial Download in July 2017. Products included as part of the download: Main Street BOP, Preferred Office Program, Apartment Program, Residential Condo Program.


production-reportAgency Production Report Available Online

In June 2017, we made it easier for you to track your agency’s growth with Bankers in a robust new online report.


super-coop-uSuper Coop U Agent Training Portal

In June 2017, Bankers rolled out our new training and informational portal. This one-stop portal was designed for ease of use and immediate access to everything you need as a Bankers agent. Visit Super Coop U!


commercial-umbrellaCommercial Umbrella for Louisiana & Florida

Bankers offers Commercial Umbrella to be written over new business POP policies.